Manhattan and Brooklyn in Pictures

I don’t feel like I’ve been here long enough to give you a true guide to the city. I’ve barely touched the surface of what’s on offer here, preferring instead to enjoy the slow life of casual exploration. Day-by-day, I cover new ground. In the mornings I write about things like The Art of Getting Lost or what Belonging means to me, and in the afternoons I explore new streets and wander down fresh avenues. I snap away at anything that catches my eye, or my heart, making sure I turn these magical moments into something a little more permanent. I take time to stop and absorb my surroundings for a few minutes before venturing on to the next neighbourhood.

Here are just a few of the pictures I’ve taken. You can find them, and a few more, on my Instagram where I’m documenting my summer in NYC.

Garden New YorkCentral ParkCentral Park lakeBuilding New YorkAtlantic Avenue - New YorkBrooklynBrooklyn viewBrooklyn BiggieBrooklyn - NYCIMG_3800new york

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