Women I Admire On Twitter


If there’s one thing I’m grateful to social media for, it’s for bringing me closer to incredible women. This wonderful platform opens the doors to people’s lives; most of whom we’d never have an insight into otherwise, and allows us to really get a sense of who they are. Through their 140 character tweets, we find out their passions, what angers them, what inspires them and what drives them.

For me and many others, Twitter has introduced me to wonderful women. Women who inspire me and women who make me want to work harder, aim higher and chase my dreams. Their tweets make me laugh, make me smile and most importantly, they make me think. It’s also brought me closer to women who I’ve had the honour of working with and knowing, and for that reason they’re on my list.

To celebrate these women, some of whom I have no doubt you already know and love, I wanted to write this small post and introduce them to you and tell you why I admire them.

Lauren Laverne – @laurenlaverne
– For The Pool, for her chats on Woman’s Hour and for inspiring me as a journalist.

Gemma Cairney – @gemcairn
– For her incredible work raising awareness of mental health, her beautiful personality and for making me smile.

Jess Gibson – @travelistajess 
– For making me realise that achieving your dream is possible, you just have to have the guts to go out and get it.

Pandora Sykes – @PINsykes
– For her wonderful words, that always make me think.

Gem Royston-Claire – @gemfatale
– For being my mentor when I was an intern and for always managing to make me laugh with her tweets.

Emma Gannon – @girllostincity
– For inspiring me to be the writer I want to be and to be proud of my words. For showing me what I can achieve.

Olivia Purvis – @livpurvis
– For her beautiful blog which makes me want to make mine beautiful too. And for standing out from the rest.

Katie Oldham – @KatieOldham
– For her beautiful words and for being brave enough to chase adventure.

Megan Ellaby – @meganellaby 
– For her delicious sense of style, that inspires me daily.

Corinne Redfern – @CorinneRedfern
– For being an incredible journalist and a wonderful tweeter, who makes me smile quite a lot.

Dawn O’Porter – @hotpatooties
– For using her voice to help others.

Dunya – @dearestdeer_
– For sharing these important issues with her followers and enlightening me on these issues.

Emma Barnet – @Emmabarnet
– For Wonder Women and for encouraging my ambition.

Meg – @Wonderful_U
– For sharing blog posts and tweets that have made me feel like I’m not alone.

Lena de Casparis – @lenadecasparis
– For her advice and for encouraging me to find my voice as a journalist.


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