Eat | The Haberdashery

When it comes to places to eat in Stoke Newington, we all know there’s plenty of choice. Pop ups and quaint little cafes line the streets, but one of the places I keep going back to and introducing my friends to is The Haberdashery.

Mia Holt - The Haberdashery

It’s an eclectic little cafe on Stoke Newington High street, just at the end of Church Street and is always full to the brim of people seeking out its incredible coffee and breakfasts (It was chosen as the Best Coffee Shop in the London Lifestyle Awards, Grazia Magazine and named as one of the top 7 Best North London Breakfasts by Time Out).

The first time I went there, I tried their eggs Florentine with a gorgeous latte, which uses a special blend from Brick Lane coffee experts Nude Blend. The flavours are pretty spot on with everything you’d expect a classic eggs Florentine to have: an English muffin, a handful of spinach, two perfectly cooked poached eggs and a beautiful hollandaise sauce.

Mia Holt - The Haberdashery

Luckily for me, they also serve dairy free lattes (as well as their usual faultless coffees), which were my saviour when I found out I had to cut out dairy a few weeks later. As well as gorgeous breakfasts they make beautiful brunches, lunches and suppers (at their Stokey cafe) with a menu that’s filled with dishes like grilled cod and scallops and roast rump of lamb.

Mia Holt - The Haberdashery

For those of you that like to flirt with a little rustic and vintage decor, then you’ll love The Haberdashery’s rough-around-the-edges decor with mis-matched dishes, chipped tiles and wooden shelves.

Mia Holt - The Haberdashery

So make sure you head there and try their menu for yourself. You can find them at 170 Stoke Newington High Street and also at The Haberdashery Crouch End or tweet them @HaberdasheryLdn

Remember to tweet me @MiaHolt using #MiaEats to tell me what you think!


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