Eat | Recipease Jamie Oliver

Since moving to London, one of the things I’ve missed the most is spending time with family. It’s an obvious one, I know. But until you’ve actually made a big move like going from the Valleys to Britain’s capital, where it takes you 3 hours to get home, you don’t quite realise how much you value seeing familiar faces everyday. One face I miss a lot, is the one you see above. Meet my brother, Corey. The middle child in the Holt family.

A few months ago, he came up to stay with me for a few days and I took some time off work to go exploring with him. After introducing him to my new home town, and taking him to Somerset House for a quick coffee and some Fashion Week people watching at Fernandez & Wells, we headed west to Notting Hill.

 > Pizza more your thing? Head to Homeslice <

After wandering around the picturesque streets trying to find some suave little cafe, we ended up heading to one of Jamie Oliver’s places called Recipease. It’s a mixture between an artisan shop, a cafe/restaurant and cookery school all under one roof, with the cafe being on the top floor overlooking the streets below.

We both ordered the Thai green curry for lunch, with Corey’s being a veggie one. It was pretty amazing, full of colours and depth of flavour, served with rice, cherry tomatoes, pistachios and topped with crackers. Of course, we had to order some dessert too! I went for the carrot cake and Corey picked a delicious chocolate cookie, both of which were amazing! Safe to say we were pretty stuffed after it.

Take a look for yourself (and laugh at my “I don’t feel comfortable with a camera in my face” face…

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