A Visit To Sky Garden


High above the city’s concrete streets (37 stories to be exact), is a secret jungle of wonders called Sky Garden. I say secret because if you were to be passing by below, you’d never know that high in the clouds was a magnificent jungle hidden at the top of London’s 5th highest building (The Walkie Talkie to Londoners). This wonderful garden spans three floors and boasts three different levels where you can enjoy gorgeous food and 360 degree views of the city.

A few months ago, Aaron and I headed up to the 35th floor for some lunch. Quite an extravagant spot for a sandwich you may think, but it’s actually free to book a visit to the Sky Garden and our lunch of two sandwiches, a latte and an orange juice came to around £20 – not bad when you think of the location.

When we first stepped out of the lifts and walked through the glass sliding doors, we were greeted with the view of the Shard. Everything else looks teeny next to the giant, and you realise for the first time how big it actually is. Even 35 floors up, you’re still only half way up at 150m.

The Walkie Talkie itself stands out amongst the cluster of high-rise buildings in the city, meaning you get a clear (albeit little in some cases) view of all the landmarks; The Tower of London, Big Ben, Canary Wharf, The London Eye. It’s quite breathtaking.

After doing a few laps of the incredible garden, and a couple of rounds of “First to spot the…”, we picked up a few hearty sandwiches from the Sky Pod bar (the cheapest of the three) and took a seat overlooking the Shard. If you’re looking for something a little more special, then you have the Fenchurch Street Bar and Grill and the Darwin Brasserie (I’d recommend booking) which definitely offer you the wow factor with food apparently cooked to perfection.

Although you could book an impromptu visit in the week and catch a sunset or gorgeous sunrise (the website actually tells you the time of sunrise and sunset so you can catch the beautiful sight – handy!), booking on the weekend does fill up pretty quickly so I’d recommend booking a month in advance.

So if you’re looking for somewhere a little different for lunch, or want a spectacular place to celebrate a special moment, head to the Sky Garden. First to spot the London Eye wins!

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