Day Trip To Brighton | Lucky Beach

When we’re at home in Wales, a trip to the seaside takes around 45 mins. In less than an hour, we can be at Ogmore, Aberavon or Porthcawl, leaving the green mountains behind us and welcoming the fresh sea air. It’s where I’m drawn to when I’m feeling a little stressed or need to clear my mind. Since moving to the big city, I’ve missed being able to hop in the car for a mini road trip, so last weekend we decided to plan an impromptu visit to Brighton.

We left early on Saturday morning and caught the train to the bustling seaside town for a little break from the city sights. Obviously, being January it was bloody freezing so we wrapped up warm and heading towards the smell of fish and chips and dunky doughnuts. After a two hour journey on the train, we made it. (Also got to see a bit of snow on the way!)

As soon as we got there we hunted down somewhere to eat and made our way to the sea. We decided to take a little walk across the front of the pebble beach towards the pier, and ended up spotting the perfect place for our lunch. A restaurant called Lucky Beach, which had a selection of titles on their notice board outside including being named third best burger in the UK by Red Magazine. Obviously we had to try it.

Lucky Beach itself is a beautifully decorated place situated in one of the old fishing boat arches. Whoever decorated it had a brilliant eye for detail, with industrial-style lighting, mini milk bottles that come with your tea and coffee sacks that line the benches.

For lunch, I opted for the classic burger and a side of skin-on chips with an aioli dip, which Aaron and I shared. I’m pretty sure I ate the burger in around 3 minutes flat. In fact, it was probably less than that. It was a beautiful double-patty burger filled with pickled onions and mayo with a poppy-seed brioche bun. It was bloody perfect. And only £5.95 too.

If you’re looking for an amazing burger in London, try Bleecker St. 

As it was so cold out, I obviously washed my burger down with a steaming hot cup of tea, which set me up to face the freezing wind that was awaiting us outside. After lunch, we headed over to the pier, before wandering around the quaint lanes that line either side of the main streets. By 3pm, our legs were tired and our hands were frozen stiff, so we jumped back on the train and headed back to the lights of the city. A pretty good day out if you ask me. Take a look at the pictures and see for yourself.

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