Dinner at Homeslice | Neal’s Yard

If you’re looking for pizza in London, there’s one place you just have to try. Hidden in the beautiful Neal’s Yard in the heart of Seven Dials is Homeslice; a cosy little pizza restaurant attracting queues of people who regularly line the lanes, even in the freezing evenings of January. Why you ask? Well, because Homeslice’s pizzas are one of London’s hidden gems. They’re not just incredibly tasty, topped with the freshest of ingredients and bursting with flavours, but they’re also humongous.

Homeslice Pizza London

These amazing pizzas are cooked in a huge, hand-built wood fire oven which offers up a gorgeous rustic taste. To chose your pizza, you can pick from either the list of slices which cost £4, or one of their £20 beauties. You can also do half-and-half, perfect for when you’re with a fussy friend.

We visited Homeslice on a busy Friday evening and had a 20 minute wait for a table, which was definitely worth it. The restaurant itself is small and cosy and because of this, you may end up sharing a table with a few other people. Sounds odd but actually, it was perfectly fine because everyone is so fascinated with tackling their own pizzas that you hardly notice anyone else! Plus, who doesn’t like making random new friends?

For our pizza, we went half-and-half. Aaron chose the chorizo, corn and coriander for his side and I chose the Calabrian peppers, chervil and Lincolnshire poacher for mine. Whilst I had the heat of the peppers, paired with the parsley-like chervil, Aaron had the softer corn half, with a lighter, creamier sauce, which worked out as a lovely balance when we each tried a slice of the other.

To help the pizza go down, I had a glass of red wine. At Homeslice, you don’t just buy a glass and that’s it. You’re given a gigantic bottle (goes with the theme of gigantic pizza!) and then when you’re ready to pay the bill, they simply measure how much of the bottle you’ve drunk.

So, next time you’re thinking of having a pizza in London, make sure you head to Homeslice. Honestly, you haven’t tried a good pizza until you’ve been here. Oh, and you can take away too! Perfect.

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Homeslice Pizza London

Homeslice Pizza London

Homeslice Pizza London

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