Lunch At Señor Ceviche

Christmas in London is beautiful isn’t it? All the lights, decorations and festivities really fill you up with that a bit of Christmas spirit and leave you feeling rather jolly and warm inside. It’s an incredible city and I absolutely love spending this time of year exploring the shops and markets.

Last Sunday, Aaron and I got up pretty early and headed to the shops to get some last minute gifts sorted. After a few hours, we soon founds ourselves tiring and so decided it was definitely time for lunch. As we were on Carnaby Street, we headed to near by Kingly Court. It’s a hub of restaurants, including the well-known Señor Ceviche, which I hadn’t visited yet despite hearing amazing reviews.


It’s an amazing, eclectic Peruvian restaurant with vibrant prints and colours decorating its walls. It boasts a tapas-style menu so we picked a handful of dishes for the two of us. As it was lunch time, we ordered three meat dishes and some patatas bravas on the side, which definitely filled us up!


First up was the chicken, which was beautifully marinated. The flavours were perfect, pairing a slightly sweet BBQ sauce with a beautiful aji amarillo antichuco. I ended up scooping up every last drop of the gorgeous sauce combination with the patatas bravas. It was gorgeous.


Then we tried the Chancaca salmon with fennel. It was cooked to absolute perfection, with a delicate miso and brown sugar topping. Safe to say we were fighting over this one…


Our final meat dish was the Flat Iron Antichuco, cooked to medium. They were perfect, melt-in-the-mouth slices with a beautiful concoction of chimchuri and aji rocotto antichuco sauce!


There were definitely smiles all round. Before we heading back out to face the crowds of Christmas shoppers that is!

Senor Ceviche - Mia Holt


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