Drunken Sailor | Cardiff

Mia Holt The Drunken Sailor

Credit: Jordan Harris

It’s been a little while since I wrote anything about Cardiff, but if there was one thing to swing this blog back to its home routes, it was this wonderful, boozy and delicious pop-up called Drunken Sailor.

My good friend Jordan Harris is the master-mind behind Cardiff’s newest street food sensation, and for that reason, I’m very excited! The reason being Jordan is a fantastic foodie who is constantly coming up with amazing meat and ale dishes, and the creator/editor of one of my favourite food blogs, The Grill and Barrel.

Drunken Sailor is his new baby. A pop-up waffle stand which will be featuring Drunken Specials, including the Merlyn’s Beard; a waffle that is smothered in a cream sauce made using Merlyn from the famous Penderyn Distillery. Even reading the list of what’s on offer is making me dribble; chip cones filled with waffle cubes and tossed with cinnamon sugar or drowned in maple syrup or Nutella, savoury treats and waffle dogs. What are waffle dogs you ask? Well, Jordan says, “It sounds wrong but if you can put a burger between a doughnut you can put a sausage on a stick and cover it in a Cheddar waffle batter.” He also has a few other things planned for you, but all will be revealed a little later after the New Year. 

Being the real foodie that he is, Jordan is striving to use as many local ingredients as he possibly can, including flour from Felin Ganol, one of Wales’ last working watermills in Ceredigion. The milk and cream comes from Ty Tanglwyst Dairy and the frankfurters from Charcutier Ltd, which Jordan tells me are the only frankfurters made authentically in the country. He says, “It’s important for me to know where my food comes from and by using these ingredients, I hope to put a Welsh twist on the waffle.” He also wants you all to know that the waffle iron is called Wendy, which is apparently very important.

Mia Holt The Drunken Sailor

Credit: Jordan Harris

Anyway, you’re probably screaming at your screen asking me where you can your hands on these amazing waffles by now (if you’re not, then you bloody should be!). For you lucky Welsh lot, you can get them from Saturday, December 13 at the Gravity Station in Cardiff. I’m already counting down the days until I can try one for myself. If they’re anything like Jordan’s other creations, then I know they’re going to be heaven on a plate.

Until then, I’m going to need you all to go and eat as many as you can to make up for me not being in Cardiff! They start at £3.50 too! It’s a Christmas bargain!

Check out The Drunken Sailor on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date on all the happenings. And to dribble over the pictures 😉



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