Benito’s Hat | Mexican Masterclass

Sometimes things happen that bring a huge smile to your face. Usually with me, it has something to do with food, whether it’s coming home to a beautifully cooked dinner or being handed out a free chocolate bar on the street; I’ll take it all.

So can you imagine how big my smile was when I discovered that I’d won free burritos for a YEAR! How you ask? Well, it all happened on a normal lunchtime in September. I headed into my new favourite Mexican jaunt, Benito’s Hat, in Covent Garden, ready to tackle one of their huge and delicious burritos, when I noticed that on that day, they were celebrating their 6th birthday with a competition.

Everyone was given a little white envelope, but for 6 lucky people, there was going to be a glistening golden ticket hidden inside, giving them the right to a free burrito, every single day for a year. And low and behold, I was one of those lucky 6!


Not only that, I was also invited to a Mexican cooking masterclass with head chef Felipe and co-owner Ben. Just in case you didn’t know, the restaurant itself can be found in 6 locations across London, and they serve the freshest and most authentic mexican food around from burritos and tacos, to nachos and salsas.

The Mexican masterclass was held in their Oxford Circus branch. I took Aaron along as he’s a massive foodie like myself and we spent the night learning the tricks of the trade from Felipe and Ben. After watching Felipe create some beautiful salsa and fresh tortillas from scratch, we were then given a margarita lesson from Ben, before being split up into teams and trying our luck at copying the duo. My team excelled at the salsa, but the other team beat us with the tortilla and margarita! I can’t argue, they were pretty amazing.

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Felipe taught us how to make the best Mexican dishes using the freshest of ingredients, and told us stories surrounding the restaurant and the products as he went along, including that the salt he used was actually mined by his mother back in Mexico. He also made one of his recipes from the Benito’s Hat book – Real Mexican Food, which was a medley of prawns and Mexican salsa. Beautiful.

We laughed, drank and ate our way late into the night, with Felipe bringing out the final feast just before we called it a night. He’d created some incredible tequila cakes which had been deep-fried. Never have I tasted anything like them before!

I obviously now visit the restaurant with my Golden Ticket card nearly every day, I mean when there are free burritos on offer, why would I eat anything else ey?

Make sure you visit Benito’s Hat and tweet me @miaholt and @BenitosChat and tell us what you think!

Here are the photos from the night.


It all started with some salsa making…



It tasted pretty good if you ask me! IMG_5572.JPG

Time to make the tortillas!


Being the baker’s daughter, I thought I’d be pretty good at this! Turns out, not so much… IMG_5574IMG_5573.JPG

Then we gave margerita-making a go. I let Aaron handle this one…



Felipe and Ben judged us on our skills before Felipe treated us to a fabulous prawn dish from his book.


And we finished the night with Felipe’s amazing tequila cakes!


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