Warner Bros Studio Tour | Hogwarts In The Snow

You know when you get an email and it instantly sends you into excitement overdrive? Yeah, well I had just the email a few weeks ago when Warner Bros invited me along to the preview event of #HogwartsInTheSnow!

If you read my post a few weeks ago, where I was introducing the new Dark Arts section at Warner Bros Studio, The Making of Harry Potter Tour, then you’ll know just how much I love Harry Potter. So this email was a HUGE deal to me. You’ll see just how excited I was in the pictures in just a second!

The day before Hogwarts In The Snow was officially opened to the public, I went along to see the wonder for myself. I must warn you that this post is quite picture heavy, but when you’re in a world as amazing and magical as the Harry Potter tour, you can’t help but photograph every single thing from the films and books you fell in love with as a child.

When we arrived, we were treated to a mulled wine and mince pie welcome, before heading in to the cinema area for a little briefing. Before entering the cinema, we were given our own wands (I was practically hyperventilating at this point) and I had Molly Weasley, which I was quite happy with given the red hair. We were then treated to a wand masterclass with the world’s only wand combat choreographer, Paul Harris. I gave it my all, but I’m pretty sure I sucked at wand combat…

We were then shown around the beautiful Great Hall, where the fire had been lit for the first time this Christmas. After this room, you’re pretty much free to roam the around the tour on your own, taking as much time as you want to explore, stop and stare and take pictures.


I was pretty much an excitable child the whole way round. You would be too if you were one of the kids that grew up with Harry, Ron and Hermione. Not only can you get up close to some of the amazing props like the Philosopher’s Stone, the wands and Tom Riddle’s diary but you can also explore the actual sets that they all worked on. You can walk down Diagon Alley, enjoy some Butterbeer outside 4 Privet Drive and try your tricks on a broomstick! Much to the hilarity of your friends and family who are watching from the sides.


Have you ever seen me looking so happy?



One of Aragog’s kids got a little excited and jumped on my head. But daddy soon showed up and told him off…


There’s also one point of the tour which will definitely take your breath away. The moment you turn the corner and your eyes meet the incredibly intricate model of Hogwarts! I can’t even put into words how beautiful it is, especially in the snow.

Anyway, I think the pictures definitely speak for themselves with this post and so I’ll stop babbling and let you discover the world of Harry Potter for yourself. Hogwarts in the Snow will be running from November 14th until February 1, so you have plenty of time to visit! (Get your tickets here) I can’t wait to take my little brother along and experience the magic. I’ve bought him some Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans for him to enjoy in the meantime! My first one was sausage flavour…

Tweet me @miaholt and @wbstudiotour if you’ve already planned your visit!
















I totally fell in love with Fang.



It took Aaron a little while to find his wand in Ollivanders!


I had my eye on this one!












4 thoughts on “Warner Bros Studio Tour | Hogwarts In The Snow

  1. Great photos and I can totally understand your excitement. I went here for my birthday last year and absolutely loved it (they let me open the doors to the Great Hall along with a bunch of toddlers- but I didn’t care, I was finally living out my childhood dream!!) 😀

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