Interview | Made In Chelsea’s Lucy Watson


Lucy at the Claridges #TheEveAppeal event. Credit: Lucy Watson

When Lucy Watson joined E4’s Made In Chelsea, it was in its 4th series and the main cast had already formed pretty strong bonds. That didn’t stop her making an impact however, with her quick wit comments and outspoken personality and we soon fell in love with her for it.

Now, she’s firmly established herself as one of the gang and has had her fair share of on-screen drama to prove it (Hello Proudlock!). But I wanted to grab a few minutes with the beautiful and confident young lady, and chat about life off-screen. Here’s what happened when we talked all things fashion, going naked for PETA and New York vs London!

Hi Lucy, thanks for having this little chat with me! So, we all know you from Made In Chelsea, but tell us what life was like for you before you joined the show?
I went to drama school and worked as an estate agent in Surrey. My mum lives in Devon and my dad, Surrey, so I’ve always had a fairly active, outdoors childhood. I joined the show when I was 21, so I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.

How do you deal with having your life played out on TV? We’ve seen you wanting to keep your cards close to your chest with Proudlock, is that hard to do on the show?
You have to accept with a show like MIC that it is reality, and the interest is genuine in your life and the things you do. It can be difficult to talk about personal things, but I’m not under any illusion as to what the show is about.

As well as giving us an insight into your life, the show gives us a chance to see your amazing outfits. What inspires your personal style?
I have lots of different style references – I’ve got so much better at knowing that even if I like something, it might not suit me. Working out what suits your body is definitely the key to dressing well, and not every trend is going to suit you.

Are you a trend follower, or do you like experimenting a little?
I love dressing up and trying different things, but I do like to keep a clean line throughout my styling.

You also always look impeccable on screen. Do you have any beauty tips/rules that you always follow?
I only use cruelty free make up, I always take my make up off properly, not just with make up wipes, and I drink a lot of water. I don’t really wear make up unless I am filming, so I let my skin have a chance to breathe.

You’ve also recently launched your modelling career! How did that come about?
It’s actually been a dream for a long time. As I’ve been on the show for 2 years, I wanted to engage in something that was going to take me on the next step. Signing to a modelling agency has created an additional support, and also meant that I can explore new and exciting possibilities.

Lucy Watson - Mia Holt

Lucy and her sister Tiffany, who’s just moved to Chelsea. Credit: Lucy Watson

How did it feel doing the naked shoot for PETA? How important was it for you to do it?
I really wanted to do it, I’ve actually done two now. I think if you are in a position of influence, you have to be responsible enough to draw attention to issues you feel passionately about. I hope that the campaign allowed people to research PETA and understand the impact the work it does has.

What motivates you to keep reaching higher and following your dreams?

I genuinely believe that I can do anything. I was brought up in a family where I was encouraged to try and never made to feel as though anything was unattainable.

Tell us about New York! You spent some time there filming, but I have to ask – New York or London? Where are your favourite places to go in London?
I think London as a permanent base, but I would love to have a job later in life that allowed me to travel between the two. I had a blast there, but it was a different atmosphere because I knew it was only for two months. I got a real sense of the place, found my favourite restaurants, best shops, coolest hang outs, and I felt like I settled in there quite well. It was really hot, which I liked, and there are a lot of things, naturally, that are very different. But I went with a bunch of my best friends and got to film the show, so it was a great experience. I love Battersea Park, I have a flat there and I can walk my dog – it’s peaceful. My dad also owns a pub called The Phene in Chelsea so I love going there too!

Where do you see life going after MIC?
For the time being I am focusing on MIC. But I would love to look into acting, presenting and continuing a career on television.

You can catch Lucy on Made in Chelsea every Monday at 9pm on Channel 4! Find her on Twitter at @imLucyWatson


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