London Tapas | Cañas y Tapas

It was a gorgeous day in September, our 5th anniversary to be exact, when Aaron and I stumbled across the lovely Cañas y Tapas restaurant near home. We had spent the day exploring Greenwich and stalking a family who just happened to have a French Bulldog puppy with them, and stopped off in Islington for a bite to eat. Stalking puppies that aren’t yours is a tiring job y’know.

When it comes to to London, Islington is a food hub with restaurants and cafes lining Upper Street. You can grab a burger from Five Guys or Byron, enjoy a Brazilian meal at Cabana or pop in and have some incredible American pancakes from The Breakfast Club, all of which are just a few minutes from each other. But it was the smell of the sizzling chorizo and patatas bravas that drew us in to Cañas y Tapas that night!

Now when it comes to eating out, I’m one of those people who takes ages to pick from the menu and then instantly wants the meal of the person I’m with when it arrives! Food lovers, I know you all share my pain. This is why tapas is so bloody perfect for people like us, because you can satisfy your need to try ALL of the menu at once! Perfect.

Cañas y Tapas itself, is a small, traditional Spanish restaurant with a menu full of amazing tapas dishes that the cuisine is known for. To order your dishes, you’re given a little chalkboard (obviously loved this!) where you mark down the number of the dish from the menu and in some cases, the size too. Then, you hand it back to your waiter and they arrive together around 10 minutes later.

The restaurant pays a lot of attention to detail, from the artwork of Angel station on the wall to the little sardine tin that our prawns came in and the mini chip fryer (with newspaper) that our patatas bravas were placed in. It definitely gives the restaurant a little edge in the tapas scene in London, which is full of some of the best tapas restaurants around, and adds to the whole experience.

The food is also incredible. Full of flavour, colour and the freshest of ingredients. As well as the staples like the bravas, we also tried a sautéed egg dish with chicken, a gorgeous Spanish omelette and a platter of Spanish hams and cheese. All of which was amazing!

So next time you’re near Islington, stop off at Cañas y Tapas with a few friends and enjoy a gorgeous bite to eat. I promise you’ll love it.

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