Interview | Victoria – In The Frow

Victoria's gorgeous purple hair has become her staple!  Credit: Victoria - In The Frow

Victoria’s gorgeous purple hair has become her staple!
Credit: Victoria – In The Frow

When I was thinking about who else to interview, there was one girl whose name kept popping up in my head. Victoria, from the hugely successful blog In The Frow. She’s known for her incredible purple hair and amazing beauty and fashion posts and has become one of the UK’s top blogger and vloggers.

The reason I wanted to interview her is a simple one. She’s a huge inspiration; she’s incredibly driven, very hard working and insanely talented. When she’s not busy blogging and uploading videos to her YouTube channel on the latest beauty buys and fashion trends, she’s working as a lecturer in Fashion Retail. What’s more, she’s a beautiful person inside and out. As she’s on the brink of a big move, I caught up with Victoria and chatted about all things blogging, vlogging, lecturing, passing her PhD and her very exciting future!

Hello Victoria! Thank you so much for agreeing to have a little chat with me. You’ve had a busy few weeks having reached 100,000 subscribers on YouTube AND passing your PhD! Congratulations! You must be so proud! How are you feeling?
Hey! Yes, very busy few weeks. Im just so thrilled. It’s been a tough year and its wonderful that it’s finally paid off. A huge weight has been lifted, that’s for sure!

Where did it all start with you? Did you always set out to write?
I never really had writing as a career aspiration or even a hobby. I just started writing a tech blog during my PhD as I was researching Mobile fashion apps, so I guess that sparked an interest. But when I really got into beauty blogs, that’s when I became obsessed with writing about beauty and fashion.

When did you make the decision to hop on over to YouTube? You’re a complete natural!
Oh thank you! A few months into blogging, I realised how much I personally loved to see the real side of the blogger, how they presented themselves, acted and spoke. So I took the plunge with it.

It’s paying off. As well as running your hugely successful blog and YouTube channel, you’re also a lecturer – how on earth do you fit it all in?
I have no idea. I spend all my time working with the odd bit of time off to see my boyfriend or friends. I work very late and wake up very early but I know that in the long run hard work pays off.

It must be pretty surreal going from being this amazing online personality, to the world of academia – are you always the same Victoria? Or do you have like a blogging Victoria and then lecturer Victoria?
I don’t think so no, although you’d have to ask my students. Generally I feel I’m the same person, still upbeat and happy whatever I’m doing. I am the same person in the videos as every day, totally the real me.

What motivated you to get to where you are today?
I just wanted to make my parents proud. And I’ve always believed that you can get where you want to be with enough determination. At the age of 8 probably, I told my dad I wanted to be earning 60k and have a BMW by the time I was 30, hah! I have no idea why, but I think Ive always been excited by the idea of success and proving that blondes really are a force to be reckoned with.

For someone who dreams of becoming a blogger, vlogger or even lecturer, what would you say to them to inspire them?
If they aren’t already inspired enough to follow their dreams, then I would just ask them to think about why it is they want to follow that career and what they hope to gain from it. They should always follow their heart and their passions when it comes to their career, as it is the thing that will take you somewhere. Only they can reach out and grab it.

Your hair has become your staple. Having bright dyed hair myself, I’m almost too scared to change it to another colour now because I’ve had it for so long! Do you think you’ll ever go back blonde?
I think in a few years, I’ll definitely go back to the blonde, whether white blonde or dark. But for now, I love how the purple seems to brighten up my skin tone and its definitely my signature. So for now, I’m sticking to it.

How do you keep it in such good condition? Share your secrets!
I just use a lot of expensive hair products if I’m honest. Hair oils, volumisers, deep conditioners, anything that will add the life back into it, and it seems to be doing the job.

Through your blog, you’ve worked with some amazing brands and blogged about some incredible places, what’s been the most enjoyable thing to write about?
Ohhh, that’s a tough one. I’d probably say I love my travel pieces a lot. I loved writing about where I’d been and where I was going when I was road tripping America and those posts did seem to get a lot of love.

What would you say is your biggest achievement to date?
I would say passing my PhD, without a doubt. I can’t tell you how much self doubt I went through with that, especially since January. So to finally have it has just boosted my confidence for writing massively. I’m so happy.

And finally, where do you go next? Any exciting plans you’re allowed to share with us?
I’m just continuing with everything I’ve been doing, but bigger and better each time. I’ll be moving to Brighton in January to continue my blogging and YouTubing full time, so I’m so thrilled about that. It’s got to the point where my greatest hobby has become my career and it’s a dream come true.

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