Breakthrough Breast Cancer | Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It’s something that, somewhere down the line, we’ve all had to deal with, whether it be a family member, a friend or a colleague, cancer affects everyone. There are superheroes out there, like the incredible guys behind Breakthrough Breast Cancer, that are battling away in labs to find a cure for this horrendous illness that takes the lives of so many people every single day, but there’s something that you and I can do too and that’s raise money and awareness to help them continue their incredible work. Breast cancer is the most common form in the UK with one in eight woman now facing it. Incredibly, every 10 minutes, another woman in the UK is told the news that she is suffering with breast cancer, which is why it’s important that we stand together to do what we can.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month; a month organised by dedicated to raising awareness of this evil illness that takes the lives of 1,000 women in the UK every month. By taking part in Breast Cancer Awareness Month, you can help fight cancer too and there are lots of ways to get involved.

You can buy some of the Shop Pink products found in your favourites stores like Warehouse and River Island and help donate your money to the charity. The items range from jumpers to keyrings and there’s a minimum of 10% donation that goes from the sale of the item to the charity. What’s amazing about the Shop Pink initiative is that you’re just buying things that you’d normally buy, like your AVON lip gloss, your GHD hair straighteners or your Stella and Dot necklaces,  but through this initiative, you’re also helping Breakthrough Breast Cancer too. It’s as easy as that.

Another fabulous way of helping is by taking part in the Breakthrough Bake-Off. The Bake-Off takes place on Friday October 17th and the idea is that you hold a bake sale at your office, school or home and invite your friends and colleagues to great creative with cakes! All the money raised then gets donated to the charity. This year, Breakthrough have teamed up with Lorraine Pascale, Jane Asher, Kristina Rihanoff and Riley Uggla who have all shared some recipes for inspiration.

It’s crazy isn’t it? Just by buying a piece of clothing or holding a bake sale, you can actually help women fight through this horrendous illness. You may think that sounds simple, but the work that Breakthrough Breast Cancer are doing, with the help of your donations, is incredible. They are fighting to give women with breast cancer more time with their families by campaigning for fairer access to life-saving drugs which aren’t available on the NHS. They’re also funding 270 scientists who are dedicated to finding out more about the illness and how we can combat it. This is just a small insight into the work they are doing. I urge you to look at their website and see the incredible ways they’re attempting to fight cancer. C’mon guys, let’s all do our bit.


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