Interview | Megan Ellaby – ASOS Personal Stylist and Blogger

Megan Ellaby

Credit: Megan Ellaby –

A few years ago, I was pulling together a little feature on my blog called She Wears. I was reaching out to bloggers and showcasing their amazing style on my blog and one of the first who got in touch was a young lady called Megan Ellaby. She had an incredible sense of style and had just set up her blog, now Pages By Megan, and I could tell she’d make it somehow. It was clear that it putting together amazing outfits came naturally to here. Now, she’s moved to London from up north and is living her dream as a Personal Stylist at ASOS, as well as continuing to share her incredible wardrobe on her blog. This young woman has a serious talent and eye for fashion and I’m beyond pleased that she agreed to have a little chat with me here, especially for you.

Hello Megan! First things first, how are you?
Great thanks!

How are things going at the moment? How’s life at ASOS?
All is good, i’m loving living in London, which is surprising as i’m such a proud Northerner! ASOS is the dream, whilst interning in London when I was 18 at a number of fashion brands and companies, I always said I’d never return to London unless it was for ASOS. Funny how things work out.

Indeed! It sounds like an incredible job. Where did your love for styling come from? Have you always experimented with fashion?
Styling has always been a part of my life, I’ve always dressed myself up from a young age and friends and family have always come to me for advice on what to wear. But it really came to life in college when I first realised that there was more to the fashion industry than designing.

Do you take note of the trends or is it all about what pieces look good together?
I’m a big trend junkie, I absolutely love swotting up on the latest trends for the new season. But I know what will work for me and what won’t, I’m quite petite so I need to watch some things like oversized silhouettes and longline garments but hey it’s all trial and error.

You seem like it comes naturally to you, but you must have your favourite places to search for inspiration?
I love attending LFW, that’s where I get most of my inspiration for the new season but other than that I’m a massive lover of style blogs so get my inspiration from those girlies. I’m not overly into the big blogs though, I like the smaller blogs who wear the things that I can easily get my hands on.

Megan Ellaby

Credit: Megan Ellaby –

Amazing. I caught up with your post on your new, incredibly beautiful flat – you have a knack for home-styling too! Is that ever an area you’d go in to ?
Absolutely, my mum used to design and make wedding dresses yet she’s always worked within interior design so I have an awful lot to thank her for. I just love home-styling and shopping for home goodies, maybe even more than I do clothes!?

Ooh, that’s interesting! What’s it like styling someone or picking out pieces for them? What’s important to look out for?
It’s super rewarding, we get a lot of girls and fellas who come on completely lost about the new trends and it’s so rewarding when they leave with a whole new wardrobe 🙂 It’s very important to listen and to get as much info as possible about the person’s life and personal style first before suggesting anything.

What would you say is important when it comes to dressing for big fashion events like LFW? Any tips?
Comfort, I’m all about comfort! I’ve made the mistake too many times of wearing killer heels and hobbling over the cobbles at Somerset House. This season I’m all about suiting and trainers.

I’ve been loving your suit combos! What about designers and brands, who are your fave?
I will always love House of Holland, my first ever internship. But I adore Acne Studios, Jamie Wei Huang and Charlie May.

I’ll have to keep an eye out. And finally, what tips do you have for someone who’s trying to find their own style? Share some fashion wisdom with us!
It’s all trial and error. Start a Pinterest board and pin everything and anything you like and just start experimenting!

Find Megan on Twitter – @ASOS_Megan

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