Poppies Fish and Chips | London’s best

If I said to you, name the most British dish you can think of, I bet quite a few of you would say the classic fish and chips, right? I know I would! On the first night I came to London (when I was interning at Company at the time), Aaron and I headed out to Shoreditch for a drink. Standing outside our now fave Shoreditch pub, The Golden Heart (the landlady is wonderful!), we couldn’t help but get drawn in by the insanely good salt and vinegar aroma coming from the fish shop, called Poppies, next door.

We tried to resist, but couldn’t. Soon we found ourselves downing the last of our drinks and quickly nipping next door for a huge portion of golden chips. Oh, my, gosh. It might have been the best idea we had that night because these fish and chips were so good. Like INSANELY good. And it’s not just me who thinks so – they recently won an award in the National Fish & Chips 2014 competition!

I’m not quite sure what makes these so good. It may be the Maris Piper chips with their soft and fluffy potato centre, covered with a slightly crisp coat, or it may be the fresh cod and haddock (sustainably caught), coated in the lightest batter I’ve ever tasted. All I know is that whenever we’re in Shoreditch, we usually end up here and whenever we have friends down, it’s the first place we take them! Try them yourself and let me know!



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