Stokey Bears Burger Heaven

IMG_4706.JPG3 days after its launch, I headed to Stoke Newington’s brand new burger joint, Stokey Bears – the latest project from Burger Bear and Bear Hug Brewing Company. I’d heard on the Twitter-vine that this new place was opening so obviously, as a burger lover, I was quite excited to try it out (especially as it was so close to home.)

What started as a lazy Saturday lunch, turned into one of the best foodie experiences ever. Ladies and Gents, I may have just found my new favourite burger (cue gasps!). This unassuming little restaurant (which used to be a pool bar), with its school desk tables, barrel stools and kitchen paper (we realised later why this was necessary), brought out what has become the burger-to-beat in my quest for the best burger in London.

As it has literally just opened, there were a few items on the menu which weren’t available yet, but I didn’t mind, I’d already been pulled in by the Burger Bear – a delicious classic cheeseburger. This burger was everything a burger should be; a 6oz patty, smoked ketchup, American cheese and mustard, topped with all the salad. Aaron tried the Grizzly Bear, which I was instantly jealous of when I saw it. It comes with smoked bacon and Burger Bear’s infamous bacon jam. Lush.

It was the messiest, juiciest burger I’ve ever eaten. (hello kitchen paper!). Like, running down your hands, all over your face, falling on the plate juicy. Complete and utter burger heaven. As well as our burger delight, we also grabbed a basket of Angry Fries, which were VERY angry let me tell you! I won’t tell you what’s on them – I’d rather you enjoy the surprise, but they’ll definitely leave you grabbing a soda from the Square Root London help-yourself bar, or one of the incredible craft beers from Bear Hug.

So if you fancy trying one, (seriously, you NEED to) then find them at 129 Stoke Newington High Street. They’re also on Twitter: @Stokeybears!

Already dreaming of my next one…





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