Dalston | Street Feast

DalstonLast weekend, my brother was visiting me in my new London flat so of course, I organised a Bank Holiday full of things for us to do (let’s not mention the Monday Carnival washout).

On the Saturday night, we headed to one of the best-kept secrets in Dalston – Street Feast. Held at the perfectly urban and rustic Dalston Yard, the street food event showcases some of the best street vendors around including Bleecker St Burger, Slider Bar and Pizza Pilgrims for 20 weekends every summer, finishing September 27.

With a very strong mojito in hand, I made the very tough decision of picking my meal-of-choice from the vast line-up of foods on offer. I finally picked the three mini burgers (£10) from Slider Bar featuring a gorgeous chipotle burger and an incredible Jalapeño one too. The other was bacon – I think! I may have gone into a burger-induced daze at this point. It happens quite a lot. The burgers were insanely good, especially the Jalapeño burger which, for me, was the perfect accompaniment to the delicate patty and was full of flavour. I also grabbed some sweet potato fries from Bleecker St too. Couldn’t resist. Their burgers are also well known on the urban food radar, but on this occasion I was swayed by the temptation of trying three different flavour burger combinations, rather than sticking to one. Mainly because I was quite hungry and why have one burger when you can have three!

Corey’s a vegetarian so he decided to try the infamous Pizza Pilgrims, giving into the sweet tomato aroma of their Margarita (£6). I’m not going to lie, I was tempted to take him up on his offer of a slice but after munching down on the three juicy sliders, I was definitely rocking a burger belly. Burger triplets in fact.

If you want to go to Street Feast, they also hold events in Lewisham Model Market until the end of Sept and also at Battersea until August 31. I honestly recommend it if you’re a lover of alternative dining and exploring independent food businesses. At Street Feast, it’s not just about the food. The atmosphere was so laid back and friendly, with cocktails flowing and fires burning, and it really is the perfect event for a summer evening with friends.

Dalston Dalston Dalston Dalston

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