Happy National Burger Day! | #BurgerChallenge


Burger wars!

Happy National Burger Day! Today’s post is all about the mighty and meaty burger. To celebrate, Aaron and I thought we’d have a bit of a burger-off and challenge each other to see who could come up with the tastiest bun and patty combination.

Now, baring in mind neither of us had actually cooked a burger from scratch before and had no idea what we were doing  (we decided not to use cookbooks), they didn’t actually turn out too bad. We decided to simply go with our instincts and try and create the best possible burger with the ingredients we love to eat. And, seen as we’ve both eaten quite a lot of burgers in our time so we’d like to think we’d know at least a little about what we our tastebuds enjoy. But yeah, we basically threw in whatever we fancied. Complete novices.

Here are our burgers – I’ll let you try and guess which one won…

My burger: Bacon and cheese
The burger: (fresh) breadcrumbs, 1 raw egg, fried onions, garlic, thyme, chilli, salt and pepper.
The fillings: cheddar cheese (added when the burger was cooking), fried tomatoes, fried mushrooms, rocket lettuce and bacon.



My bacon and cheese burger went down a treat with a Kopparberg!

Aaron’s burger: Mexican
The burger: (toasted) breadcrumbs, 1 raw egg, fried onions, 1/2 red pepper, salt and pepper.
The fillings: cheddar cheese, tomatoes, fried mushrooms, rocket lettuce, chorizo and piri piri sauce.


Aaron finished off his burger with a chilled Corona and a slice of lime.

To make both the burgers, we fried the onions, red peppers and other ingredients that were going into our burgers first. Whilst they were softening, we combined the breadcrumbs with the meat and raw egg and seasoned with our desired herbs. We then made them into two patties and popped them in the fridge to chill. After around 10 minutes, we then put them into the frying pan and cooked to our own liking. Whilst they were browning on the hob, we stacked our fillings on our buns (mine was toasted) and then, topped them with our gorgeous burgers. Voila!

The verdict? I have no shame in saying that Aaron’s won. I loved mine, but the beautiful piri piri sauce and chorizo combination made it the rightful winner.


Our little burger challenge gave me an idea. I want to challenge YOU to come up with what you think the best burger ingredients are and then I’ll feature your burgers on my blog in a little series called #BurgerChallenge – I know, took me a while to come up with that.

We already have our first contender – the incredible Jordan behind the amazing blog The Grill & Barrel. Believe me when I say you’ll definitely want to see what he comes up with (he made a burger using a Krispy Kreme as the bun last week) so keep an eye out for his creation on the blog.

If you want to get involved with my #BurgerChallenge – email miaholt_holt@btinernet.com

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