Spotlight | Borough Market

Borough Market

I can’t quite believe that in all the time I’ve visited and lived in London, I’ve never been to Borough Market. On a lazy Saturday afternoon, Aaron and I caught the bus to London Bridge with the sole intention of trying out some of the market’s infamous street food.

The moment you step off the bus and make the short walk around the corner and under the bridge you’re hit with the smells of, what seems like, a thousands cuisines and foods. There’s the sweetness of freshly made cakes, the sizzling aroma of a steak cooking on the grill and the gorgeous smell of citrus from the fresh orange juice, which all hits you as you make your way down the small lane to the market. (An odd combination – but it works! Honestly).

The market was actually established all the way back in 1756. Nowadays, it showcases the foods of over 70 producers from all across the world, and sits in the glorious shadow of the impressive Shard, which offers a beautiful, glimmering backdrop to the market’s colourful array of produce.

Borough Market

The beautiful Borough Market nestled below the giant that is The Shard.

After walking around a little to try and discover what foods lay in wait for us, we both settled on different meals. Aaron opted for the steak in the box meal which consisted of a salad, topped with delicately cooked chunks of medium steak (£6). (No picture as he’d eaten it by the time I was ready to take a one). I, however, was swayed by the gorgeous smell of sweet potatoes cooking at the opposite end of the market. For my lunch, I had the meal box from Scotchtails (£6.90). It featured a handful of crispy sweet potato fries, a beautifully cooked artisan scotch egg sliced in half to let the bright orange yolk drizzle over the crisp sausage meat, served on a bed of rocket. Absolutely delicious!

Scotchtails meal box

Scotchtails meal box

So, if you’re visiting London and fancy trying out some of the incredible food at Borough Market, get the tube or bus to London Bridge and simply follow your nose…

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