TGI Friday’s #BurgerBlindDate

 *Apologies for the photo quality – camera is at home in Wales so I couldn’t use it on the night. 

TGI Fridays

A different kind of blind date…

Sitting at my table, with a Red Velvet cocktail in hand, I gazed at my suitors – they were all presented in front of me accompanied by a modest description of themselves. I’m a “fiery Asian legend” said one, while another professed I’d be “seeing stars” if I spent the night with him. I’d never been on a blind date before and it was a difficult choice to make – just me and the 8 contestants, oh… and my boyfriend. No, I was not on a very odd couples date where you bring your partner along to a date with a mystery man, Aaron and I were actually in TGI Friday’s where we’d been invited to take part in their Burger Blind Date!

TGIs had arranged for us to be wined and dined by urm…burgers. They eased us in with a cocktail or two, and presented us with a list of 8 burger contestants, all of which were only described by their “personality” and not ingredients. Which burger we’d end up with was a complete mystery. Now, I’m indecisive at the best of times so this kind of made my decision a little easier – taking out the delay in me deciding whether I wanted a cheesy bun or bacon! I was drawn in by contestant number 8, which said it had a secret to tell me! (I obviously needed to know!), while Aaron was won over by the contestant number 2 who wanted to be “all over him”. Yeah…

TGI Fridays

Even the biggest mouths would struggle with this masterpiece!

Meaty goodness! A slice of tomato, a topping of bacon! Delicious.

Meaty goodness! A slice of tomato, a topping of bacon! Delicious.

When our meaty friends arrived, we weren’t disappointed. For one, they were massive (size clearly does matter) and both were filled with meaty goodness.  Although – looking back we’re not sure if we accidentally ate the wrong ones and in fact the one I ended up enjoying was contestant number 2 and not 8! Anyway, they both tasted incredible, and were accompanied by a beautiful Jack Daniel’s sauce and a side of rustic chips. Between contestant 2’s burger and bun was the classic combination of tomato and cheese, as well as a single slice of crisp bacon which added an extra depth to the flavour. I can’t speak for Aaron, but by the look on his face after he’d attempted to tackle his burger beast – it definitely wore him out.

TGI Fridays

Did I mention I like to eat?

TGI Fridays

Beaten by the burger…

I forgot to mention that before we tucked in to our treats, we had to show the look of love to the camera to capture our #BurgerFace. Now, this is not exactly how I’d describe the look I give to a loved one (or maybe it is and I don’t realise!), but I think the taste buds were definitely being tickled by the smell of the burgers at this point and clearly, that comes out in my expression! Aaron’s on the other hand. Well…I think it speaks for itself.

Our #BurgerFaces!

Our #BurgerFaces!

It was a fantastic night and we’d like to thank TGIs for introducing us to our delicious suitors. If you want to try out our burgers then head to your nearest TGIs now – if you fancy contestant number 8 – just ask for Jack 😉

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