Cafe Pure Love

The anti-oxidant salad and detoxifier smoothie at Cafe Pure gives you a brilliant cleanse

The anti-oxidant salad and detoxifier smoothie at Cafe Pure gives you a brilliant cleanse. Credit: Georgia Hathaway

In the short time it’s been open, Cafe Pure has taken over the clean eating scene in Cardiff and is now one of, if not the most sought after healthy eating places to eat in the city.

Its refreshing menu of fresh fruit and veg, meat, fish and good carbs mean it offers something unique and ensures people keep coming back for me. After my first visit to the cafe last month, I’ve been hooked. I’m constantly trying to find a spare minute in my week where I can sneak off and get some really healthy goodness. Last week I managed to do just that and of course, I took some pictures for you to dribble over.

I ordered the anti-oxidant salad and the detoxifier smoothie, which is exactly what my poor stomach needed. Like many people, I suffer with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) so having a place like Cafe Pure where I know I can eat something that’s not only satisfying but also cleansing and gentle is amazing.

The anti-oxidant salad consisted of quinoa, mixed beans, chicken breast, kale, greens, haloumi, walnuts, blueberries and raspberries. I also had some piri piri sauce on the side. The detoxifier smoothie is a fantastic cleansing smoothie with ingredients like ginger which really help to clear your body of toxins.

If you haven’t already been then you seriously need to check them out. They’ve also started their Saturday morning bootcamps now which start at 9am outside the cafe.

They’ve also announced today that they’re starting a meal plan delivery service! .

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