Benefit: Brow Arch March

Benefit blogger babes

Benefit blogger babes. Credit: @Benefit_Queenst

Who was it that said that no matter how low you feel, putting on some lipstick and dressing up will always lift your spirits? Well, whoever it was, I agree with them and so do the guys at Look Good Feel Better; the cancer support charity which helps sufferers face the visible side effects of cancer.

Living with cancer can leave people feel like they’ve lost control of their bodies and this charity helps to get some of the control back by giving them a sense of normality during their incredibly tough time. The charity helps sufferers gain some of their self-esteem back by holding make- up and skincare workshops, as well as offering any extra support.

This month, Benefit Cosmetics and Debenhams have teamed up to support this fantastic charity by launching Brow Arch March and this week, I attended Benefit Cardiff’s Brow Arch March blogger event which helped to raise money for the charity. Everyone who knows me know how bad I am at anything to do with make up, which is why I absolutely love the events that Benefit put on because it gives me insights into how we should actually be applying make up (seriously, applying mascara is as much as I know!).

This event was obviously focusing on the eyebrows. As part of Brow Arch March, Benefit and Debenhams are inviting women (and men) to come in and have their eyebrows waxed and shaped for a suggested donation of £5. Think of it as the female answer to Movember!. The money raised from the eyebrow waxing then goes to the fabulous guys at Look Good Feel Better. The amount raised currently stands at 60,000, which is amazing but it would incredible if we could all raise more.

At the event, myself and my fellow Cardiff bloggers all watched in awe as the team showed us their tips and tricks into getting the perfect brows. Now I swear that my brows are becoming thinner the older I get so it was really useful to see some of the amazing products that Benefit have that can challenge the over-plucked brows of the 90s. The Benebabes showed up how to apply the fabulous Gimme Brow which, coming from someone who is useless at make up, can only be described as a kind of mascara for brows! That sounds odd I know but the stuff is amazing. It gives you thick, natural-looking brows which can fool anyone into thinking you were born with the same brow blessings as Cara Delevingne.

Gimme Brow is also build-able which means whether you like the au-natural look or if you prefer some serious brow action, then you’re able to alter your brow appearance to however you want. As always, the Benebabes looked after us well, treating us to a little goody box filled with samples of our favourite Benefit products (hello It’s Potent!) so thank you to them!

This really is a worthwhile cause so if you have an afternoon free this month then pop into your nearest Benefit Brow Bar and get your brows done. The £5 that you pay will go towards helping someone feel normal again, during the toughest time of their lives. If you can do that just by having your brows done, then I think that’s pretty amazing.

For more information on Look Good Feel Better visit their website or, if you want to find out more about Brow Arch March and their incredible brow products, then click here. If you want to get involved but don’t fancy having your brows done then you can still donate online, so c’mon guys, let’s all do what we can.

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