Cafe Pure – Cardiff’s first fitness cafe

Jamille Nicholas and Tazmin Procter are the proud owners of Cardiff's first fitness cafe

Jamille Nicholas and Tazmin Procter are the proud owners of Cardiff’s first fitness cafe. Photo credit: Mia Holt

Coming home after a hard days work and planning a healthy meal can be a bit of a nightmare. We’ve all been there. We all know. But thankfully, a new restaurant which focuses on creating meals using the purest of ingredients and excluding any preservatives and unnatural products, has opened in Cardiff Bay.

Welcome Cafe Pure – Cardiff’s first fitness cafe and your new saviour. This innovative new cafe serves food which is tailored to your health needs, displaying the carbs, fats and protein contents in every single meal. They make sure that even if you follow a paleo, low carb or veggie diet, you can still have a good-hearted dinner and not have to resort to picking the boring and only option on the menu.

This exciting project, which is a first for Cardiff, was launched by two personal trainers meaning they know exactly what you need when it comes to pre or post workout meals and keeping your body in check. Jamille Nicholas, originally from the Rhondda but now living in the capital, has been a personal trainer for over 10 years, and his business parter Tamzin Procter for five.

Jamille says, “When we were training our clients and recommending healthy foods and nutrition plans that they were saying there’s no where in Cardiff that they can eat. So, we decided to just come up with a concept for ourselves.”

Wheatgrass has been proven to have over 21 benefits for your health

Wheatgrass has been proven to have over 21 benefits for your health. Photo credit: Mia Holt

Together they have created a restaurant that completely overtakes any other healthy eatery out there. These meals are designed to be good for your mind and body. Instead of tequilla, try their wheatgrass shots which have a never-ending list of benefits (supports against fighting cancer, just to name one) and instead of slimming shakes, try their antioxidant meals which provide you with nutrients and vitamins they will leave you feeling amazing. In fact, every single dish on their menu is guaranteed to make you feel incredible both on the inside and out.

Jamille says that as well as serving food which is tailored to a specific diet like the paleo, they also do the average meal in the healthy way, “We serve baguettes or paninis but use whole grain bread and low fat mayonnaise.” he adds.

Oh, and don’t assume that just because the menu is tailored to healthy eating that it means you don’t get any treats to keep that sweet tooth at bay. As well as their delicious smoothies, Cafe Pure also serves protein pancakes, peanut butter and fruit and protein ice cream. Plus, their condiments also include super foods like flax seeds – an essential fatty acid.

Since it’s opening at the end of January, Jamille says they’ve received an incredible amount of attention, which is unsurprising. “It’s been mad. We did a couple of trial days and they went well but it was more like family and friends as we wanted to just see how things go and iron out any problems. We opened the doors officially on the Monday for breakfast and lunch and by Saturday, we had to turn people away. It’s had such a big call for it that it’s unbelievable.”

The future of Cafe Pure looks like it’s going to be just as exciting as the launch. They’ve created a buzz and now people want more. Jamille says that they hope to start a food delivery service in the next few months whereby the meals will be delivered directly to offices and also a individually catered food plan service, delivering meals which have been planned for you, directly to your door.

Jamille explains, “If you’re a busy person or you’re working, you know what’s healthy and what’s not but when it comes to it have you got time to go shopping? Have you got time to cook? Have you got time to think of variations of food and ways to twist it and make it taste better? Everything comes into it.” By providing people with breakfast, lunch and dinners tailored to their needs – Cafe Pure eliminates the stress.

Pancakes that are good for you? Yes please!

Pancakes that are good for you? Yes please! Photo credit: Mia Holt

That is sure to attract a lot of the new fans of the cafe. Jamille and Tazmin are also hoping to do some bootcamp classes outside the cafe and running clubs in the summer, inviting everyone back afterwards to enjoy a protein shake and some good food to replenish lost nutrients.

There are also plans to maybe open a few more cafes but Jamille says they want to make sure they get this one right before they get ahead of themselves. By the response they’ve seen already, there’s no doubt at all that they’ve got people talking and no doubt at all that Cafe Pure is set to become the place to eat in Cardiff. If you want to visit, which you bloody well should, then the cafe is open Monday- Friday 7.30am – 3pm and Saturday 9am-1pm and is situated in the The Flourish on Lloyd George Avenue.

Follow them on Twitter (@CafePureCardiff) and Facebook to keep updated!

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